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IICAS Human Rights Fellowship

The 2014 UC Human Rights Fellowships program is migrating to the Center on Global Justice.

IICAS has hosted the UC Human Rights Fellowships competition at UC San Diego since 2008.  During these six years IICAS has awarded fellowships to one (1) undergraduate and eight (8) graduate students in academic fields ranging from Anthropology to Structural Engineering, and from Literature to Sociology.  Fellows have interned in human rights organizations in Brazil, Ghana, India, Northern Ireland, Nicaragua, Argentina and Spain among other locations.

We congratulate these admirable fellows who have combined their academic studies with their support for human rights focusing on crucial issues facing our world today.

IICAS Human Rights Fellowship Recipients 2008-2014:

  • 2013-14 Recipient:
    Davorn Sisavath, Department of Ethnic Studies, working with Legacies of War on "Refuse & Refuge: The Right to a Healthy Environment for the People of Laos"
  • 2012-13 Recipient:
    Leonora Paula, Graduate Student, Department of Literature, working with the Union of Housing Movements in Sao Paulo (UMMSP) on “Urban Housing Rights in Brazil: More than Just 'A Roof and Four Walls'”
  • 2011-12 Recipients:
    Kelsey Ellis, Undergraduate Student, Department of Structural Engineering, working with Ghana Africa International Operations (GAIO) on “Building a Community and Cultural Center in Akwatia, Ghana”
    Oliver Ting, Graduate Student, Department of Literature, working with the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee on “Komal Gandhar’s Strategies of Self-representation to Combat Discrimination Against Children of Sex Workers” (Komal Gandhar is a dance and theater youth group in Kolkata, India)
  • 2010-11 Recipients:
    F. Candler Hallman, Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology, working with FAIR (Families Acting for Innocent Relatives) on "Public Debates Over Active and Passive Resistance in the Northern Irish and Palestinian Victims' Rights Movements"
    Stephen Meyers, Graduate Student, Department of Sociology, working with the European-based Handicap International and the US-based Disability Rights Fund on “The Right to Inclusive Education in Nicaragua”
  • 2009-10 Recipients:
    Cathleen Kozen, Graduate Student, Department of Ethnic Studies, working with Campaign For Justice: Redress Now for Japanese Latin Americans! (CFJ) on “‘Never Again!’ Tracing Japanese Latin American Redress and a Politics of Human Rights as Historical Justice”
    Viviana MacManus, Graduate Student, Department of Literature, working with Association of the Ex-Detained Disappeared (AEDD) on “Vestiges of Violence: The Politics of Memory and Justice in Post-Dictatorship Argentina”
  • 2008-09 Recipient:
    Scott Boehm, Graduate Student, Department of Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies, with the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory (ARMH) on “Memory and Justice? Spain 30 Years After the “Pact of Forgetting” Francoist Violence”

Human Rights Fieldwork Reports

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